What's your top feature request?


I tried Smart UV Project and it produced what looks like a decent UV map for one of the built-in models in Sculptura. However it took around 11gb of RAM and half an hour! I suppose it’s built for smaller meshes.


I just bought the app and have been playing with it. My top feature requests are:

  1. Layers/subtools- the name is different in each application but the ability to have more than 1 independent object in a scene. Eyeballs for a head are a good example. To have full functionality layers would also need: A. Merging of layers. B. Moving the entire layer with a transform tool/gizmo to reposition objects relative to each other. C. Independent resolution in each layer.

  2. Import OBJ files. I see this being talked about on here but I don’t see a way to do this. Is it only in beta right now?

  3. Masking. Being able to mask off portions of a model to only edit what isn’t masked is super useful. Also being able to invert the mask, add or subtract to it and soften or harden the mask would be nice.

  4. More brushes/brush features. Being able to have apple pencils pressure sensitivity impact more than 1 attribute would be nice. Having an adjustable pressure curve would be great. Mixing 2 types of brushes together is useful. Like having the pinch brush also able to push or pull at the same time. Some kind of clay buildup brush would be nice. The speed/amount each brush has is too weak/slow. It needs to be able to be doubled or quadrupled. Even scaling the scene down doesn’t help much.

  5. Voxel subdivision levels. I know right now it’s controlled by the scale factor but that feels clunky and it’s in an arbitrary place in the UI for how much it is used. If you add layers it should be visible right there.

In general I am impressed with the feeling the sculpting has. It’s nice and smooth. Fluid. It just needs more features to be able to do much in it other than doodle around. I’d suggest looking at some of 3D coat features. It’s the closest to what you are making with Sculptura on a desktop. Just the basic features of sculpting in 3D coat would put this app in a great spot. Thanks!