What's your top feature request?


This is fantastic news!! When can we excpect this amazing update?


If there any way we can have a cut/copy/paste? To where we can move and paste selective parts?


Layers are the next big feature (see the roadmap: Sculptura Roadmap!). I’m afraid I don’t have enough information for a time estimate.


It would be cool to be able to save our own starting templates.
Other primitive shapes would also be cool.
Glad to see layers on the road map.

Great work so far!


New user here, and I need to say that Sculptura simply rocks!!! It’s pure joy to work with!
Here’s a short list of a few feature that I’d love to see implemented:

  • rendered image export and turnaround videos - doesn’t need to be very fancy, but would be nice if for the images exports the model is rendered in higher resolution than the viewport (I use a 2018 9.7" iPad and the model appear pixelated which is fine while building but for final presentation I’d rather see it in all its glory!)

  • some easier/more precise way to control the placing of “Lines” and “spheres” in 3D space. (for the lines, perhaps a gesture/switch to disable snapping on other surfaces too) - both lines/sphere tools might need an interactive line/sphere builder where you start by defining placement in space and direction/length in discreet steps. The ability to rotate the camera while in this interactive mode would be very very helpful!

  • something is not right with pressure sensitivity using the apple pencil - even if you enable it doesn’t feel like it’s working properly

right now these are my primary wishes for Santa - but I’d also like to add my voice to a couple more ideas that were heard by other users:

  • other primaries besides lines/spheres (eg.cubes)
  • Masking



For rendering, I’d like to get a sense of the workflow. Currently, if I wanted to render a final high-resolution image or turnaround video, I’d export to another app with a global illumination renderer. Blender, for example. Is that too inconvenient? Just want to fully understand :slight_smile:


My bad, I should had been more clear regarding the rationale behind the request!

For a start I am not a 3D artist, so this was by no means a request for a proper renderer - I’m sure people serious about 3D are better off with the OBJ object as you suggested. I’m a 2D artist and I’ve recently started using the iPad which has allowed me to go completely mobile for sketching/illustrating and design work too! For example nowadays I do outdoors/plein air studies, standing on my feet with the iPad in hand; no tripods, palettes. It’s a revolution! The ability to work on the iPad and not move between devices has been very liberating and energizing! My needs are amateurish when it comes to Sculpting however. It’s accurate to say that I that I’ve started sculpting …less than a week ago :wink: )

The simplicity and intuitiveness of Sculptura allows me to be playful so I was just looking for a way to quickly export the 3d doodles/quick-sketches I’m working on and import them into some other application like Affinity photo/Designer/Procreate for further manipulation (compositions, underdrawings etc). Most of the time however, I simply wish to share what I’m doing with my friends on facebook/messenger and followers on twitter/instagram - so I need something presentable to tease what I’m doing :blush:. As a sidenote, I also like exporting JPG/PNG images for all my work that I create and store in my archive over the years so it’s easier to glance at what an obscure file called 2003_11_12_scene01_01.BIN might contain :wink:

Of course one can simply take a screenshot, but this has two issues: a) the UI elements are distracting and b) the pixelation is mildly off-putting (more about the pixelation at the end). So basically I was hoping that there can be a more refined version of the displayed model with no pixelation and no UI elements. That would be more than enough for starters. Pushing it a bit further I could ask for an alpha channel saved inside the image and the ability to export bigger resolutions than the display. Also perhaps some visual bells and whistles for the rendering: eg. the option to choose a BG color/gradient, an optional shallow DOF effect, different camera FOV, perhaps some lighting presets and some frosted reflections appearing on the scene floor/walls :joy: - a bit of staging: Enough pixellove to make it appealing, push it out of the door (on social media/to the next program), and go back to work before the flow breaks!

Finally, I’d like to raise two points in favor of image exporting:

  • Having image exporting built-in serves the overall goal that Sculptura be 3D sculpting for Everyone (even people who don’t use other 3D software in their workflow - ie. amateurs like me)!
  • Additionally, if Sculptura generates exports that carry Sculptura’s distinct visual personality (Sculptura’s shaders/materials, BG color, FOV and overall rendering feel)- over time, as these images appear more and more on social media, this “personality” will introduce Sculptura to even wider audiences. I believe MagicaVoxel is a good example of a piece of software that started attracting following because of the visual style that the built-in renderer produces.

I mentioned pixelation issues, so I’ve attached a model I was sculpting earlier today, where you can see the pixelation at the edges:

I’m not sure if it is because my iPad (I have the 2018 9.7" iPad) is underpowered and the GPU can’t display enough subdivisions for a smooth result in real-time; but I was hoping that there is some way around it when it comes to rendering stills for exporting that don’t necessarily have to be in real time.

that was a long post :wink: Once again thank you for the truly remarkable piece of software, sculpting on it really brings me joy!



Thanks for the feedback! I’m hoping to fix the pixelation with a new faster rendering engine :slight_smile:


Yes, this is what I was hoping to have some day in Sculptura @taylor, basically the same I suggested at the beginning of this topic, to have the option to export a rendered image instead of having to take a screenshot. It would be super useful to be able to immediately share our work to our social media with a nice rendered image, with no pixelation and also not having all the UI around. I also suggested how awesome it would be to have some more options for the lighting in order to make our exported images a bit more fancy (and useful in case of 2D artists like me who wants to incorporate their sculpts into their paintings for multiple purposes :D). Well, I’m actually adding that last thing now, but the idea is basically the same :smiley:


Sounds good! I’ll try to add a “Render” option in the “More” menu.

More lighting options is a bit more work I’m afraid.


That’s awesome! :smiley: thank you, @taylor


Been fooling around with the app a bit more, and have a few requests:

  1. The default brush - would it be possible to allow addition of a brush alpha or, more importantly, be able to change from a round brush to a more angular brush. Think Clay Buildup in ZBrush. I’m finding it difficult to not have my sculpts appear “bubbly” without lots of back N forth trying to flatten regions.

  2. The line tool - it would be amazing if we could use a square/cube profile in addition to the rounded tube. Thinking hard surface modeling needs.

  3. Masking - any chance this would find it’s way into the roadmap?

  4. MatCaps - can we import our own?

  5. Smoothing - would love to see a shortcut on the left tool bar that would make it easier to smooth while in a sculpting tool VS having to stop flow to go and pick the smooth tool.

  6. Speaking of brushes - how about something like the Dam Standard brush, where you can get a real thin scribe stroke?

  7. Is there a way (memory permitting) to give us more detail in the sculpt when in volume/voxel mode? Something like the “Sculptris” mode in the latest version of ZBrush - so that if your brush size is smaller, you only add traingularization to the area being sculpted.

  8. Layers and/or multiple objects would be a very welcome addition.

Attached are a few screen shots from tonight’s noodling session.




Thanks for your feedback Steve! I can’t respond to everything, but I take into consideration all requests.

That’s fairly easy :slight_smile: How should the square be oriented? Align it with the surface?

Could we use the new tap gesture on the Apple Pencil for this?

Adaptive sculpting is pretty easy for meshes, but rather tricky for volumes. I think my time is better spent on increasing the rendering and sculpting speed (which will allow for higher resolution), rather than trying an adaptive approach.


Thanks for the quick reply Taylor!

I was hoping to get a response to my number one request - a square-ish/clay build up brush and/or brush alpha capabilities. :wink: Is this hard to implement? It would greatly help alleviate the bubbly nature of sculpting with spheres.

Good to hear getting a straight edged line tool is possible. Having an option to toggle between constrain to surface and not would be awesome for user controlled orientation. It would also help when using as a negative tool to help carve.

User imported MatCaps (i’m Going to keep pushing for this one) heh.

Masking combined with move tool makes for easy shape creation and edge definition.

I’m excited to see what your next update brings! Between Sculptura, Forger, and Putty, I feel we’re just scratching (no pun intended) the surface of what can be achievable on iOS and the new iPadPro.

Having a true carving tool with a non-round brush would differentiate you from the bunch.




Oh sorry I didn’t realize they were ordered by importance. I’ll PM you with additional questions about your number one request :slight_smile:


This seems to be a very useful app, but one thing it needs would be the ability to import meshes.
There are a few other things, but at the moment those would seem to add the most value and function.


+1 to both requests!
+1 for masking too (as nice to have)
I’d also like to propose the ability to hide parts of the model - primarily to lower displayed complexity and hopefully improve performance (and also allow better camera control while sculpting)


My top feature request, without any kind of doubt, is the possibiltty to add UV coordinates in OBJ exporting in order to add texture maps to the models in other software.

Today I am not able to texture any model in any software and when I try to create UV coordinates (In Photoshops or Hexagon for example) it fails. And it’s really a pity because the modelling results of this app are outstanding but if you can’t apply texture maps the objects don’t look so good.



Hi @Tonilirio, thanks for your suggestion!

Have you tried the “Smart UV Project” command in Blender?


Not yet. I’ll try for sure. Thanks Taylor!!