What's your top feature request?


Does this mean I could paint my own custom brushes in an app like Procreate and then use them in Sculptura? This would be amazing!


It would mean that. Could even snap a photo of some bark or something on a overcast day, alter it a bit in affinity photo or the like, and use it. Sky is the limit!

One thing I like from 3Dcoat is the ability to use a mesh as a brush. Zbrush has similar functionality. What this lets you do, besides importing an mesh to use like a brush, is say make a object in sculptura, then export it, and import it in as a brush again either as a mesh, or as an alpha or gray scale depth image.

Video is a bit long winded but shows bringing in a mesh to make a brush

This is another way being able to bring in a mesh as a brush can be helpful esp. if used with lines/curves.


I’m really liking this app, it is the first I have used that feels comfortable to just sketch stuff. I think my main use will be to capture initial sketches that I can later refine in Zbrush. It really needs a few things, I think most of them have been mentioned:

  • move tool (I know it is on the roadmap)
  • sort out the pressure sensitivity with the Apple Pencil
  • the ability to have sub-objects / layers that you can move, rotate and scale independently, to break down a complex model into components. Eg. Eyes separate from the rest of the face, wheels on a vehicle as separate sub-objects, etc. if this is done, a next step might be an extract tool to make clothing, but one step at a time, eh?!
  • import of objs would be nice.
  • reference images in orthogonal views would be nice.
  • masking would be cool.
  • radial symmetry with selectable number of synmetry planes would be cool for certain types of models.

I think the aim should be provide enough tools to give a slick sculpting experience, without over complicating the interface. Procreate is a good example of this in the 2D world.


@PhilW Layers are also on our roadmap (version 1.3) :slight_smile:


Good news - I will look forward to the updates, I am sure you are working hard!


I can’t wait for layers! Have other people asked for background image import? I’d love to be able to import something I could then trace or use for reference inside the app.


Yes I mentioned that in my list and I am sure it was mentioned before that.


Finger rejection when using the Apple Pencil would be great-- right now if I run my finger over the mesh it acts as a brush. I’d appreciate it if it would just pan instead, and the Apple Pencil would be the only input capable of modifying the mesh, instead.


Hey @samamin! Check out “Only Sculpt with Apple Pencil” in Settings App -> Sculptura :blush:


OHH! I didn’t realize there would be settings there; I only noticed that there weren’t settings in the app, eep. Thanks!


nice cool stuff.i think photo export need reason come to forum.but other user sended request.I think other funtion point.heavy work(maybe) has crash with 100%.use the iPad Pro2gen.please fix it.


Hi, great app (or will be when is finished) feature I need is backround reference picture…it is definitly not most important, I understand layers are priority but this one is easy to do. Just let us put any picture from ipad gallery on the background. Don’t bother with scaling, opacity etc…these can be done by some workaround. You already have orthographic camera and together with cuting tool and reference picture in the background it will be fast and sweet workflow. I’m ilustrator, I must everything first draw :slight_smile:


Really great app - my fave iOS 3d. Agree with most of the suggestions. I would add a lazy mouse feature. Also noticed some of the sub menus stay open … click anywhere could close them. Maybe a display of how many voxels in the model. Another vote for hiding the symmetry line and masking.
Really looking forward to layers/multiple objects.

  • I would like the radius and speed bars of Falloff Styles for the Nudge tool (or any other) to stay independent of each other. For example, I frequently and rapidly toggle between Smooth and Pinch Falloff Styles, and the Smooth radius is always larger than the Pinch radius. When I toggle, I always end up having to resize the radius.

  • A “repeat stroke” feature would be nice where, with the push of a button, the last stroke made is copy and pasted over the same surface with the same strength. Quite often, I make a stroke that’s perfect in shape but is not strong enough in depth to be perfect. Drawing repeatedly over the area runs risks of bubbling, imperfections, and whatnot.

  • When using the Line tool, having handles on the end points of a created line would help in properly positioning lines, especially when the last point is being positioned in empty space. Whenever I try to create columns or tower forms with the Line tool, I end up creating leaning towers instead of firmly upright ones.

  • Being able to create folders in the Files menu would be nice.


You can create folders by pulling down on the files list and tapping the new folder icon (top left) :slight_smile:


yes that menu thing is anoying + you can’t open some menus until you close other which is open.



Hi, I am a new user and I am very happy for this App :slight_smile: compliments :smile:
…in the future, think that the LINE tool can be similar to Skyn Modifier present in blender 3d, to create simple character sketches/ skeleton and able to move and scale the ends freely

it’s not a criticism,this app is big :smiley:


I would love to be able to copy and paste projects into other projects. I often work on character design and being able to import a past sculpt, like a head, into a new one would be amazing. Also layering as well. This way I can swap body parts to see which head or limb suits the final character. I LOVE this app by the way, excited to see what the future holds.


Copy/paste will fit in well with layers. When you paste, it could add a new layer, and then you can flatten the layers if desired :slight_smile: