What's your top feature request?

pleeeeaase left hand mode :slight_smile:

I’m having to lock my iPad screen and flip the iPad upside down to try and be efficient O.o
(and that does NOT work perfectly, lol)

I am very impressed with the app, and I am confident it will growing into something amazing.

My hopes for the future…

1 Masking

2 continuous dynamic rotation so that one could cut or build as the model is turning; a type of lathing, like Sculptris.

  1. Adding another Sculptura ( or .obj ) model to the scene: and the ability to move them into place. eg adding a hat to a head.

  2. Mirroring on more than vertical axis.

5 textures and colours (but I expect that is a little ambitious.)

Anyway, many many thanks for where we already are!7

You might guess that my interest is abstract, geometric, models that work towards 3D printing. Jewellery


Welcome @jmcguire.dev! I’ll be working on left hand mode :slight_smile:

Welcome @Woodcock! Thanks for the kind words! Masking is a bit tricky with voxel sculpting but I will be doing some experiments.

I would very much like to receive an update with new features and bug fixes. Some of my work, to stimulate you)

photo_2019-05-15_18-42-36 photo_2019-05-15_18-42-49 photo_2019-05-15_18-42-55


Cut / Copy and paste is a must in my opinion.

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ad 3.: I fully second that. And a simple tool to merge the components, with a pressure-controlled smoothness operator, perhaps? Also of course a simple way to position the single parts. Multiple copies come to mind, distributed geometrically or even at random. Phew. Once you start thinking… :wink:


Hi team! so I’m back and I’m really impressed by the quality of the app for the price I paid for. I played around with the app and the tools, I created my first piece (Ps. Its my first attempt at digital sculpting, so It’s not worthy of showing to everyone just yet). I think a few features would be a really nice addition to the app such as different brushes and being able to create your own brushes, different textures that we could create or import into the app such as what Forger has done (Not to compare the apps, just an example). I believe it would make the app more dynamic as well as a recording and playback feature of your sculpt such as what Procreate does on the iPad, its always nice to see your work play back in a short time-lapse after you are done with your piece (Especially for social media purposes of showing your followers the process of your work).

Great App! Loving it so far and I cant wait show you guys my first proper sculpt.

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I’d love keyboard shortcuts for quickly switching to the different orthographic views (perhaps similar to the shortcuts in blender)

Numpad 1 - front
Numpad 7 - top
Numpad 3 - right
Numpad 9 - invert (e.g. top to bottom or left to right)


The biggest thing I lack in Sculptura is being able to add primitives (in symmetry)…that s my #1 request (maybe “sphere” could have the ability to be changed to be cubes, pyramids torus…etc).

#2: masking (so tools don’t effect certain areas. Maybe with a feathering?)

#3: Texture stamps (like alpha brushes…could be added to most tools)

#4: adjusting the pressure curve of the pencil (and to be able to have pressure effect Both Radius and strength)

#5: transform (this might need layers?)

BTW: the two-finger undo is soooo great! -every creative app should do that!

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+1 for having a photo to work off of.

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Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. Please keep them coming, as this is a good way to determine what to work on.

Please order your feature requests in terms of importance, if you haven’t done so already :slight_smile:

Sweet Taylor. Cheers!

One other thing I’d like to see: Rendering in 360. Or spherical, whatever that’s called. So you can do Matrix like spins.

Like this:

Doesn’t necessarily have to be a video file. I can put frames in a video editor.

Not on the top of the list, but it’d be really useful.

Thanks again.

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A three wall grid template with another 3 grids (see pics).

(only two walls and one grid are shown here)

Just bought Sculptura Pocket for iPhone. Really love the ability to sculpt on the go. Though I feel more can be added to the Pocket version like the ability to import an OBJ file. Currently I can export but haven’t been able to import. That would really help if I want to keep working on a model after having made changes to it using Blender on Mac. Hope to see some feature parity between the iPad and iPhone version of Sculptura. Looking forward to the updates to this iPhone sculpting app! You have a great thing going! Keep it up!

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I know more improvements to are coming, but thank you for new tools like the move one. That alone greatly enhances the app, and without adding complexity from the user standpoint. :+1:t4:

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As a new user, a short video tutorial for each tool, linked to in help, would be wonderful.

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List of things i would love (Ipad pro user here). I know I’m repeating them, sorry, but these would make me happy :smiley:

  • Improve symmetry with options like:
    • Pick the Axis to use
    • An option to make an object symmetrical
    • An option to re-apply symmetry to an object
  • High res texture painting
  • Texturized sculpting brushes
  • Ability to add new objects to a scene/project, with the ability to move/rotate/scale them
  • Boolean operations
  • Masks
  • Extrude masked areas

Keep the amazing work ^^


Right now I sorta find the app unusable because of how hard it is to start oblong shapes with existing tools and primitives. I really like how the app works, but it only plays well with something shaped like a ball. Making something the shape of a coffee cup should be easy. I think you could really advance the program with some very small additions

More primitives (not just spheres) with the sphere tool
Free draw line tool (not just straight lines)
More starter project shapes
Crop tool (literally just let us invert the cut tool)
Different shape draw/cut, like a cone or cylinder
Multiple mirror planes, axial symmetry

These are all pretty low-hanging fruit from a coding perspective and would be way more useful than better render work IMO. Some may be too taxing for the iPad maybe?


I am sure this has been mentioned before, but what I’d like to see is different methods of cutting, right now it’s polygonal only, but it’d be awesome with circular/oval, rectangle/square, spline/bezier cutting as well. An option for max depth when cutting would be excellent too.

Also, being able to control the voxel density (and being able to go down to a proxy level where you can make large changes without destroying sculpted detail)

Best regards

Just got it for my ipad. My top request: other primitives in addition to the sphere tool. Cubes and rectangular slabs in particular. It would be so much fun and convenient to have a simple way to add cuboids.

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