What's your top feature request?


That’s awesome! :smiley: thank you, @taylor


Been fooling around with the app a bit more, and have a few requests:

  1. The default brush - would it be possible to allow addition of a brush alpha or, more importantly, be able to change from a round brush to a more angular brush. Think Clay Buildup in ZBrush. I’m finding it difficult to not have my sculpts appear “bubbly” without lots of back N forth trying to flatten regions.

  2. The line tool - it would be amazing if we could use a square/cube profile in addition to the rounded tube. Thinking hard surface modeling needs.

  3. Masking - any chance this would find it’s way into the roadmap?

  4. MatCaps - can we import our own?

  5. Smoothing - would love to see a shortcut on the left tool bar that would make it easier to smooth while in a sculpting tool VS having to stop flow to go and pick the smooth tool.

  6. Speaking of brushes - how about something like the Dam Standard brush, where you can get a real thin scribe stroke?

  7. Is there a way (memory permitting) to give us more detail in the sculpt when in volume/voxel mode? Something like the “Sculptris” mode in the latest version of ZBrush - so that if your brush size is smaller, you only add traingularization to the area being sculpted.

  8. Layers and/or multiple objects would be a very welcome addition.

Attached are a few screen shots from tonight’s noodling session.




Thanks for your feedback Steve! I can’t respond to everything, but I take into consideration all requests.

That’s fairly easy :slight_smile: How should the square be oriented? Align it with the surface?

Could we use the new tap gesture on the Apple Pencil for this?

Adaptive sculpting is pretty easy for meshes, but rather tricky for volumes. I think my time is better spent on increasing the rendering and sculpting speed (which will allow for higher resolution), rather than trying an adaptive approach.


Thanks for the quick reply Taylor!

I was hoping to get a response to my number one request - a square-ish/clay build up brush and/or brush alpha capabilities. :wink: Is this hard to implement? It would greatly help alleviate the bubbly nature of sculpting with spheres.

Good to hear getting a straight edged line tool is possible. Having an option to toggle between constrain to surface and not would be awesome for user controlled orientation. It would also help when using as a negative tool to help carve.

User imported MatCaps (i’m Going to keep pushing for this one) heh.

Masking combined with move tool makes for easy shape creation and edge definition.

I’m excited to see what your next update brings! Between Sculptura, Forger, and Putty, I feel we’re just scratching (no pun intended) the surface of what can be achievable on iOS and the new iPadPro.

Having a true carving tool with a non-round brush would differentiate you from the bunch.




Oh sorry I didn’t realize they were ordered by importance. I’ll PM you with additional questions about your number one request :slight_smile:


This seems to be a very useful app, but one thing it needs would be the ability to import meshes.
There are a few other things, but at the moment those would seem to add the most value and function.


+1 to both requests!
+1 for masking too (as nice to have)
I’d also like to propose the ability to hide parts of the model - primarily to lower displayed complexity and hopefully improve performance (and also allow better camera control while sculpting)


My top feature request, without any kind of doubt, is the possibiltty to add UV coordinates in OBJ exporting in order to add texture maps to the models in other software.

Today I am not able to texture any model in any software and when I try to create UV coordinates (In Photoshops or Hexagon for example) it fails. And it’s really a pity because the modelling results of this app are outstanding but if you can’t apply texture maps the objects don’t look so good.



Hi @Tonilirio, thanks for your suggestion!

Have you tried the “Smart UV Project” command in Blender?


Not yet. I’ll try for sure. Thanks Taylor!!


I tried Smart UV Project and it produced what looks like a decent UV map for one of the built-in models in Sculptura. However it took around 11gb of RAM and half an hour! I suppose it’s built for smaller meshes.


I just bought the app and have been playing with it. My top feature requests are:

  1. Layers/subtools- the name is different in each application but the ability to have more than 1 independent object in a scene. Eyeballs for a head are a good example. To have full functionality layers would also need: A. Merging of layers. B. Moving the entire layer with a transform tool/gizmo to reposition objects relative to each other. C. Independent resolution in each layer.

  2. Import OBJ files. I see this being talked about on here but I don’t see a way to do this. Is it only in beta right now?

  3. Masking. Being able to mask off portions of a model to only edit what isn’t masked is super useful. Also being able to invert the mask, add or subtract to it and soften or harden the mask would be nice.

  4. More brushes/brush features. Being able to have apple pencils pressure sensitivity impact more than 1 attribute would be nice. Having an adjustable pressure curve would be great. Mixing 2 types of brushes together is useful. Like having the pinch brush also able to push or pull at the same time. Some kind of clay buildup brush would be nice. The speed/amount each brush has is too weak/slow. It needs to be able to be doubled or quadrupled. Even scaling the scene down doesn’t help much.

  5. Voxel subdivision levels. I know right now it’s controlled by the scale factor but that feels clunky and it’s in an arbitrary place in the UI for how much it is used. If you add layers it should be visible right there.

In general I am impressed with the feeling the sculpting has. It’s nice and smooth. Fluid. It just needs more features to be able to do much in it other than doodle around. I’d suggest looking at some of 3D coat features. It’s the closest to what you are making with Sculptura on a desktop. Just the basic features of sculpting in 3D coat would put this app in a great spot. Thanks!


I don’t know if other people would find this useful, but would it be possible for the implementation of some sort of “grid plane” in some future version?
Some programs call them “ground planes”, but I’m talking about a horizontal reference plane that could be turned on/off and possibly moved up/down.
This would make sculpting standing creatures a lot easier.
This would not be an actual surface, just a virtual grid that lets you figure out your orientation in 3D space and help keep you from making tilted models.
Thank you in advance for your input on this.


Hi, I recently acquired your program, it looks promising, but a lot of things are still not enough to complete the work and implement my ideas. In order not to explain in words, I made it in the picture that I would like to receive from the program. And I hope you will listen to my requests and implement them in the future, so that I will not regret the time spent and the finances spent on your product, I wish good luck!!


Multiple objects/meshes is definitely my top request… Sculptura is really impressive, and I’m looking forward to seeing it’s progress :smile:


I’m incredibly impressed with the app thus far though especially for the price
Almost all these requests are already something you can do in a desktop app, and now with import capability, sculptura is a solid part of my workflow… but it would be AMAZING with these capabilities to be sure… that’s my 2 cents anyway


I think the thing this app is missing that it needs the most is a basic shape tool. Like cilinders, cones, cubes, ect.
It’s also really hard if not impossible to do things like sharp teeth. Maybe I’m doing it wrong or something but really sharp points and controlling the curve of those sharp points is really hard. I’ve been working on this one piece I actually intend to export and print but I’m just having a nightmare of a time on the teeth and don’t actually have access to other programs to export it to that would help.

Also the ability to change the thickness of a piece in a uniform way would be super good for printing. My purpose is to make a mask, but to get the indent parts I’ve been using the - and smooth tool and it’s hard to judge just how thick my mask is and sometimes I chomp holes right through with the smooth tool!
I can only add one image to show you what I mean but here is my project


@Ripjawwolffang, welcome and thanks for the feedback!

Did you try using the move tool with a sharp falloff to create sharp points?


i gave it a go, I’m not sure what thickness settings to use togrt the best results.
Lol you know what would make this app 500x better. Video tutorials lol even just fan made ones. I might even make something if I ever get decent at it. Most of it is intuitive but sharp edges and stuff not so much…


How small is your sculpt? The larger the sculpt is, the more voxels that are available to allow for cleaner, sharper details. Also, the Smooth tool has two settings - Fast and Slow. Fast brushes with high speed settings convert any surfaces it touches into low voxel density ones (bad for detailing) while Slow brushes with low speeds increase the voxel density of surfaces it touches.

Unsure about how small your sculpt is? Simply zoom out and use the line tool to draw lines from the sculpt to the invisible walls. Draw multiple lines in all directions to get an idea of where those walls are and then use the Undo feature to remove those lines.