What's your top feature request?


What features would you like to see in a future version of Sculptura?

If you’d like to discuss a specific feature request, feel free to open a new thread.



Automated panning could be a way of users like myself cheating a little limited animation out of Sculptura.


Would it be possible to add additional planes of symmetry to make kaleidoscopic shapes?


I am finding that I want to adjust the scaling on the tools as I often want to use the smaller sizes when adding detail and the sweet spot is pretty small. There is a curve tool in Audulus for adjusting the scaling of knobs that does exactly what I am thinking about.

Also the apple pencil pressure seems to be just on or off, could there be a % of pressure applied?


I would like to be able to export a render to my Photos so I can share my work directly from my iPad, and not having to take a screencapture within the app. Also more freedom/options with the lighting system would be super cool! This app is amazing, can’t wait to see how it evolves :smiley:


@Ittaimanero, thanks! Good point about saving an image instead of having to screen capture.

Also: we’re big computer graphics geeks, so expect some cool stuff on the rendering side :wink:


Awesome! Thanks! :smiley:


I’ve been playing around with the app for about half a day and have plenty of things I’d love to see added: A split view window to see different angles at the same time is one. A way of being able to adjust the path & end points of added material before ‘accepting’ it would be great, better yet if it supported adding curves to said path. (But maybe such a feature should be available as an on/off option so you can fidget when you want to fidget and just add when you want to add.) A way to rotate the model’s orientation would be useful as I’m finding that sometimes my models are unintendedly coming out at an angle. A way to add guidelines into the views would be good. And a much bigger bounding box, although I understand that’s already on the “to do” list.

Last but not least, my main request would be the option to add in shapes other than spheres and extruded spheres. Cubes and extruded cubes would be a great option to have.


Right now we have the add (+) and the substract (-) options in the carving tool. I think it would be amazing to have a third option (++ and - -?) that if you keep pushing with the apple pencil in the same place it keeps adding or substracting material on top or underneath, instead of having to lift the pencil and repeat multiple times.


Hey great app I’m loving it.

I’d really like to see a MOVE Tool.

Something to move and deform in a large and general way
(without affecting the underlying surface topology)

So we can tweak proportions…


That would be awesome!


Hi again a few more requests

  • Ability to hide symmetry line when symmetry is activated
  • Ability to rotate view on Z axis with 2 finger screw turning gesture (I’m assuming current rotation is Y axis)
  • Feedback hourglass etc on slow processing situations (ie resource expensive user operation)

This app has huge potential it’s really nice to use and I can see a lot of love and tears went into getting it this far !


I’ve only had a quick play around but really liking what’s possible so far. :slight_smile:

I’d love to be able to import obj models made elsewhere. Convert to Voxel.
Maybe it’s possible to convert elsewhere and then import?

I’m an artist who sometimes uses 3d and would be great for my workflow :slight_smile:


I strongly agree.
Move tool is the most popular tool in ZBrush.


Hi guys! What I’m missing the most as some of you are mentioning is Move Tool. But in order to be able to use it as a proper professional tool I think it also needs the following:

-Multiobject in the same scene
-Increase geo density and being able to go up and down on the subdivision levels.
-Importing meshes
-Masking tool
-Some way to import custom alpha for the brushes


I’m not a professional, could you explain what you mean by



  1. Move tool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqsFuafor5I doesn’t have to be that fancy…just something to quickly pull out areas. Deform doesn’t quite seem to work this way.

  2. Brushes that are not just spheres, but maybe boxes/spheres that are squished down a bit and follow the normal (do voxel’s have normals?) more. If you can make stamp like brushes that can uses alphas etc. that would be a nice bonus.

  3. Layers Just basic layers with hide/un-hide. Independent layer voxel density if you want to get fancy.

  4. Masking can be good. Many 3D sculpting packages let you mask out an area on a object, then focus on that area and not effect others.

PS- as far as I know sculptura is not a mesh based app but voxel based. So the move tool etc. doesn’t need/can’t do higher/lower sub division levels and doesn’t need to worry about stretch. To visualize it, think of it more like pixels in 3D where the density is more like DPI for printing.

So if in Photoshop, I make a circle that is raster smaller, it uses fewer pixels. Larger it uses more. This is kind of what voxels are like. Smaller object = fewer voxels. Larger = more.

Many 3D apps are more mesh based, so the resolution is relative to the object. If you make a sphere in MODO/MAX/Maya/Blender/C4D, and make it smaller in a scene, it’s still the same density.

Zbrush, sculptris and 3Dcoat do use adaptive sub divisions and voxel like functions to try and get the best of both worlds, but each work flow has pluses and minuses.

Personally, I want this app to stay lighter weight and work for professionals but not try to be a replacement for things like zbrush and 3Dcoat. Kind of like procreate vs. photoshop.


I mean this exactly; http://docs.pixologic.com/user-guide/3d-modeling/modeling-basics/subdivision-levels/

And the alpha thing is importing a 2d picture in greysvale that indicates the height of the brush white being +1 and black -1 , grey 128 would be the middle point.

If you are able to import custom alphas into a brush could sculpt skin details very easily with this:

Hope that helped!


A second vote for using pressure sensitivity when applying strokes. I just want a decent Clay Tubes brush-like functionality from ZBrush. :wink: