Updated Sculptura Roadmap for version 1.3!


For 1.3, instead of Layers, I will be doing import/export of various file formats.

The app is using too much memory to do layers effectively right now. I’m working on a new sculpting engine which will reduce memory usage significantly.

Sculptura Roadmap!
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Uploading a beta of Sculptura 1.3 now!


Hey Taylor,

What is the current status of OBJ import on iOS? I attempted to import a few simple shapes as templates (models exported from ZBrush) an they would not import. I then exported one out from Maya and it worked, but I can’t replicate it. Tried importing the failed models and re-exporting as OBJ, but still no go.



Hey Steve, can you send me the files that failed to import?



Hey Taylor,

Here is a Dropbox link to the OBJs:


The only one I got to work was cylinder_8side_maya_export.obj (it came it pretty large)

I tried exporting from ZBrush first (DynaWax128.OBJ, Cylinder_8_side.OBJ, Male_PlanesofHead_128.OBJ) and then opened them up and re-exported from Maya.

Hope that helps!




It was the capitalized file extensions (".OBJ" instead of “.obj”).

I’ll send out a new beta :slight_smile:


Taylor, you rock with these quick fixes!!

I just tested on another ZBrush sculpt that I exported. Now, if we could get this type of Clay Buildup brush stroke capability inside Sculptura, I would do backflips from sunrise to sunset. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this 1.3 Beta available somewhere?
Or is it for those who have been invited to participate the in beta testing?
I love the program, but the lack of OBJ import is a little bit limiting at the moment… but I do get the difficulty in implementing it in a voxel sculpting program.
I look forward to it’s availability.


It’s a private beta but should be out soon :slight_smile:

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Okay, good to know, I’ll be looking forward to it. Thanks for the reply.


Sculptura 1.3 submitted to Apple for review :slight_smile:

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Now that the import feature is enabled, what’s next for the roadmap?


I’m not sure yet what’s next. Possibly more tool options. Stay tuned!