Update: Sculptura now compatible with iPad OS 13 and iOS 13

It seems there’s an issue opening documents. I’m working on a fix.

Update: Seems Apple has fixed their bugs. Please send me a PM if you hit issues.

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The opening documents issue is intermittent, and it smells like an Apple bug. After some time, it seems to fix itself.

There was another issue of bad screen coordinates when sculpting (possibly also an Apple bug, having to do with frequently switching the rendering resolution, as Sculptura does to maintain performance), which I was able to work around by calculating coordinates a different way.

It now seems to work well on my end, but we’ll need to do some beta testing, and then submit to Apple for review.

Hi are there any updates on whether sculptura is now compatible with iPad OS 13?

Hi @sculptoid. I can confirm that Sculptura is now compatible with iPad OS 13 and iOS 13. Please let me know if you run into any issues :slight_smile:

I can’t open my files…

I transferred my .sculptura files to Dropbox and deleted them from iCloud to save some space some time ago. Now I want to open them from Dropbox. They open to an empty canvas. I am pretty sure they opened fine before iPadOS came around.

I tried copying the file to iPad local drive and tried accessing it from Sculptura. The file is greyed out and I couldn’t select it at all.

It is strange when viewing the files from the Files app, the one I copied to local drive has kind ‘document’ whereas a new .sculptura file that I freshly made has kind ‘sculptura’. I think that there is some bug with files on iPadOS.

Can you look into this? Thank you.