Trying out the new Move tool, and other stuff


Hi all. I decided to see just how far I could push things before things got too laggy and crashy for comfort.

(Note: Screenshots not taken directly from Sculptura. I composited the different views in a different app.)

This took only short time to get to this point. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour? I can’t remember. No complaints from Sculptura. I could pan and rotate around the model nicely. Now that I have this base, figure, what am I going to do with it?


I flipped to a gaming app for a bit of a break and was hit by an ad pop up for one of Disney’s games, and Ariel was featured prominently on it. The illustration of her felt… unpolished compared to other official, commercial renderings of her. Welp, there’s my muse. The full body took what felt like 3-4 hours, and 1-2 of those hours were spent wrestling with the app. Rotations and panning kept hiccuping on me and there were the crashes. I backed out frequently into the gallery every 5-10 minutes in order to commit my saves, as well as making duplicates in case the crash were to corrupt my file (it didn’t, thankfully). The full body progress shown is where I decided to stop since the crashes and performance stuttering became too unbearable.

I really wanted to clean up the face and hair, but I really needed more resolution on the model. Making a bust of the model seemed to be a fair way to go. After cropping, I scaled the remainder to a factor of 1.75, and that gave me what I needed, for the most part. More move tool usage to change the expression and wrestle with the hair some more. After 30 minutes to an hour, the chug came back. After an hour of putting up with it, I put down the pencil and decided this is where I wait for the next update or few before returning to it.

I could export this out to Zbrush and perform the polishing and finishing there. Unfortunately, Sculptura ruined desktop sculpting for me. All the modeling was done on the go, be it reclining on a couch, sitting at a mall with a cup of coffee, or parked in a car while waiting for my passenger to arrive. It felt soo good being able to sculpt around and about the area.


I made this model for several reasons back in July, one of them being curiosity about how complicated I could make the detailing work in Sculptura. The base form took around 10 minutes. All else took around 4-5 hours and heavily leveraged the mirror and the line/tube tool. No performance chug or crashes occurred at any time. I could have done more polish with it, but the repetition was driving me nuts and I wanted to move on to other things.


I made this back in June and shortly after I picked up Sculptura. I was reading some manga and came across a preview for this new series. There was just something about the character design, and since Sculptura was new for me, impulse kicked in and I started trying to convert her into 3D. And the two images in the upper left were the the best reference pics I had to work with, since the series was just brand new and the internet had yet to supply better. Needless to say, it’s far from finished. Since it was June, there was no Move tool to work with, so any mistakes in positioning or sizing meant I had to destroy the offending segment and resculpt it all over again. Of the several hours I spent getting to this point, a few of them were spent doing the destruction / resculpting process. The bars you see on top and bottom of the model are reference marks I use to find where the invisible boundaries of the workspace are. I learned the hard way in an earlier model that using the base sphere as the head instead of the torso made it likely that by the time the legs/pelvis were reached, the invisible wall is hit and the model can’t be sculpted past that point.

After reaching this point after several hours of workaround techniques, I decided to return to this after the Move tool was implemented. Then it finally came out. I popped open this model after a long hiatus and was overjoyed when the calves and feet forms were stretched out in only a matter of seconds, only to be halted by a crash. Several attempts and crashes later, this model is back on hiatus. :frowning:


I somehow missed the fact that the Move tool has now been added - hooray, that will make the app so much more productive! I’ve had a quick try and it works well so I now need to look at doing some serious work with this tool.


Tserafica - some wonderful sculpts there!


Thanks! Also, just be careful about using the Move tool as the model grows in size and/or detail, at least until the crash bug with it is fixed.


Love Ariel’s face - great sculpts.