Tools and their names/functions

Maybe I’m being a little slow, but I’m simply looking for each tool name, I’m actually shocked they aren’t displayed when u tap on a tool, especially since their icons don’t look like real sculpture tool ( which would make this easy since I sculpt in the real world) a discription of each tool function would be dope too, ( hell an in app tutorial would be great a la procreate)

Hey Charles,

We’ll see what we can do about the icons and text in the future. We’re open to suggestions for icons inspired by real world sculpting tools and experience. Post some pics here and we’ll discuss them with our designer.

In the meantime, assuming you’re on an iPad, please tap the “?” icon in the upper right corner when you’re editing a model. You’ll find names and some brief descriptions for each of the tools, some notes on helpful gestures, and a link to Sculptura’s app system settings (e.g., enable Apple Pencil only sculpting).