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Hi, I just have a question on technology stack. What technology are you using to handle voxels? By voxel I mean 3D pixel. Thanks.

Welcome @MegiddGit!

Sculptura has a custom voxel engine which uses Apple’s Metal API.

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May I ask some more questions? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

  1. Is your custom voxel engine using OpenVDB?

  2. When working with voxels, did you run into the issue explain on this link:

  1. If so, how did you solve that issue?

I’m in a decision-making process on OpenVDB and voxels in general, but the above issue is my concern :roll_eyes: I just thought you might have the answer :pray:

I appreciate any help :smiley:

At one point, I used OpenVDB for voxel/mesh conversion, but wrote my own GPU-based code instead (much faster, less memory than OpenVDB).

OpenVDB is sparse, but not adaptive. So all voxels are of the same size. Meshes with varying polygon density may not be represented efficiently. You’ll have to test with your mesh to see whether it satisfies your requirements. In your case it looks like your higher density meshes are distinct components, so perhaps you could use separate data structures for them, depending on your application (that might work for boolean operations, but not for simulation).

Sculptura is mostly voxel based, so I don’t have to worry much about meshes with varying voxel density.

I’d recommend reading the original OpenVDB SIGGRAPH paper to get a more detailed sense of the data structure and the trade-offs:


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