Sculptura Roadmap!


When the Move feature arrives two updates from now, will it also come with Scale and Rotate, or will it only be Move?


The Move tool is distinct from scale/translate/rotate, which will not be in 1.2. We might do scale/rotate/translate as part of 1.3, because it makes a lot of sense in the context of having multiple layers.


Can you give us more info on the layer tool? Will you be able to work with two different objects with it, or just mask off one object?


Hi @Waterboy, due to memory constraints on iPads, only one layer can be edited at a time. What sort of interaction do you have in mind?


I think I should of phrased that differently. What I’m trying to ask is with the implementation of the layer tool, will that add the ability to have more then one object in a scene at a time?


Oh, yeah definitely :slight_smile:


Just bought the app expecting the import of Mesh files. Not clear on the roadmap when this is coming can you please update ? It’s fun to play with but not usable without the ability to import.


Hi @Fishnchips, I’d definitely like to have an import feature. Some more info in my reply here: Questions for Dev’s


Do you have an updated ETA on 1.2? It’s been a couple months and I think many of us are excited to try it out!


Hey @Waterboy, we’re not really that close right now actually. We implemented the improved resizing code which will allow us to have a usable Move tool (otherwise it would take too long to switch to/from the Move tool). We’re now testing that. Next we’re going to have to rework a lot of code to support rendering meshes. It’s going to be at least another month, I’d say. Of course that’s much longer than I originally anticipated, unfortunately.

We felt we had to reduce memory usage a lot for 1.2, so that added quite a bit of additional work.


Thanks for the update!


So excited for 1.2! Can’t wait to put my hands on it :smiley: but please, take the time you need!


Just an update :slight_smile:

Waiting for review with Apple is a pretty big rendering performance improvement. I realized I was doing something unnecessary.

And today, I finally got the new resize code to be robust. It’s super fast.

I’ve also implemented some of the UI for the move tool, and the mesh rendering, so it’s all coming together.



Uploading Move Tool beta!


The Move tool will be a major step forward for editing meshes. After that, the next priority should probably be the ability to have multiple models in layers and import of models (which can be used as parts).


I just released version 1.2. Enjoy the move tool! Tell me what you think here: Move Tool: what do you think?


@PhilW That’s exactly the current priorities :wink:

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I’ve posted an update for the roadmap here: Updated Sculptura Roadmap for version 1.3!

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