Sculptura Roadmap!

We’d like to share our roadmap for Sculptura!

These are the highlights. There will also be more minor features and fixes :slight_smile:

Sculptura Roadmap

1.0 Initial Release! Hope you are liking it!

1.1 It’s all about the languages

  • Localization. “3D Sculpting for Everyone” means more languages!
  • We’re starting with Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish

1.2 The one about the Move

  • Move Tool
    • This is by far our biggest feature request.
    • You’ll be able to easily grab and move large portions of clay
  • Much faster Resize

1.3 Layers all the way down

  • Work on different portions of your sculpt by having them in seprate layers
  • We promise not to clutter the UI

Oh man, this is sweet. Can’t wait to get there. To all of it. Beautiful. I think I’m salivating.

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  • I’m curious to know when you’ll create rotation around the third coordinate axis (specifics mentioned in my sculpting with the line tool post) and the option to export to pictures.

    • These will allow me personally to continue work I’ve already started in the app (work which is currently blocked) and to consider Sculptura a work tool.

    • The rotation tool in particular will extend the range of types of sculptures one can make in this app.

  • I’m also curious if you’re going to implement the replay of strokes you had previously mentioned.

    • This in my opinion is a feature that is too good not to exist.

    • In particular, it will transform the capacity to exchange knowledge about making sculptures (especially once you’ll facilitate the sharing of Sculptura files in this forum).

    • It will meet a need that already exists on this site – the desire to see the process by which a specific sculpture came into being, in the genuine way it came into being. See the posts where people are discussing process.

    • This is a feature no one will ask for before they know it can exist, but once it exists and is put to use, I believe it will transform people’s expectations for what is possible and attainable in information exchange and in the observation of the creative process (way beyond this app).

Hi @Yael! Our roadmap is the highlights which we consider very important and want to commit to. As for other features, we can’t commit to anything, but we think these are great requests.


Hello @taylor
What are the chances of being able to convert/import meshes? This is soooo important to creating a workflow with this app…

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@Nicolas we’ll do it. The code we write for the move tool will make that a lot easier :blush:

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Thanks Taylor! You guys are awesome :slight_smile:

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Ah, good news import is planned, I feel more confident in learning it if that’s coming :slight_smile:
It would also be nice I think if more basic templates were added. Not just busts etc I’m going to be using it in a more abstract way so different starting shapes and objects would be great.


Any idea when we will get to 1.2? I know you guys will be working hard, but until we get the move tool, it is much more limiting to do any serious modelling work in the app.

We’re nearly finished with 1.1. So I’d expect another month or so until 1.2. Let’s hope we don’t run into technical hurdles that are significantly bigger than we estimate :slight_smile:

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Ok, great! Oh my post must be at least 20 characters, so it is over that now…

When the Move feature arrives two updates from now, will it also come with Scale and Rotate, or will it only be Move?


The Move tool is distinct from scale/translate/rotate, which will not be in 1.2. We might do scale/rotate/translate as part of 1.3, because it makes a lot of sense in the context of having multiple layers.

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Can you give us more info on the layer tool? Will you be able to work with two different objects with it, or just mask off one object?

Hi @Waterboy, due to memory constraints on iPads, only one layer can be edited at a time. What sort of interaction do you have in mind?

I think I should of phrased that differently. What I’m trying to ask is with the implementation of the layer tool, will that add the ability to have more then one object in a scene at a time?

Oh, yeah definitely :slight_smile:

Just bought the app expecting the import of Mesh files. Not clear on the roadmap when this is coming can you please update ? It’s fun to play with but not usable without the ability to import.

Hi @Fishnchips, I’d definitely like to have an import feature. Some more info in my reply here: Questions for Dev’s

Do you have an updated ETA on 1.2? It’s been a couple months and I think many of us are excited to try it out!