Sculptura Public Beta!

Here’s a link so you can install a beta of Sculptura for testing.

You don’t need to own Sculptura to give it a try!

If you notice any bugs, please report them via TestFlight. Every bug report helps.

Thanks, and enjoy the beta!

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Public beta updated to 1.4.3!

Like to be part of beta testing. Hoping to discover a workflow using an iPad. Currently working with concrete. Built models in maya and have taught.

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@Scott welcome! The beta is public so you should be able to follow the link above and download it :slight_smile:

Taylor i love you! thanks for the public beta… bought forger and I’m regretting it a lot… I’ll try to ask for a refund and buy yours instead… hope we get layers / multiple objects in a scene soon :smiley:

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@LCDraws thanks! We’ll get layers… I’m just trying to reduce the memory usage :slight_smile:

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