Sculptura for Mac needs your ❤️

Hey folks,

Sculptura for macOS hasn’t received as many reviews as the iOS version. If you own Sculptura for macOS please consider writing a review :slight_smile:

Or let me know what you think should be improved.

The first reviewer in each country will receive a free copy of Sculptura for iOS!


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:slight_smile: I posted my review last month as the app is now running lovely and I’m really impressed. For me as a visually impaired user I might have different ideas as to what ot add but here’s my list.

  • More primitives to add in the same way as a sphere. Cube, cylinder, pyramid, doughnut.
  • The interface is very bare bones. I’d love to see an option for 2x icons (for tablet use) and the ability to choose where the icons are for example on the side vertically (both sides) or as it is now.
  • As mentioned elsewhere I’d love to see a list of shortcut keys for each tool and keys to change parameters. This would make it easy to short cut to a tool.
  • On my mac there’s a bug where it doesn’t show all the different material types with only a glimpse of the bottom set appearing (greys)
  • Texture brushes are a must as they’d really open up the possibilities of what you can sculpt.
  • Of course everyone wants texture painting and UV creation.
  • Could be my mouse settings but I wish the wheel zoomed by default instead of holding shift at the same time.
  • Would love to see more example files and tutorials online and an improved manual. A video can make a huge difference.

With all the above happy to help in any way like testing or UI creation etc. As I worked in the software publishing industry for a very long time you kind of pick up on these things and if I can help make the product better it’s a win for all :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback @ExcitedPixels! I will send you a PM with some questions.