Sculptura for ipad still in development? (Answer: YES 😎 )

I using ZBrush right now and am searching for a good sculpting app for my iPad so that I can
fiddle around on the go.
Sculptura looks quite promising, but I saw that the last update in the appstore is from february…
Is Sculptura still actively delveloped?


No one?
So is the app already abandoned by the developer, or is it just so good
that no updates were needed in the past months?

As far as I’m aware this app is still being actively developed be it a little slower than anyone would like. Last thing I saw was the left handed feature was about to be added. It’s a cheap affordable app to keep with you for on the go sketching (in 3D). I have to be honest in saying I use it on iPad but haven’t really used it on mac as there are other options that are much feature rich and run better on my mac. But as a go to sculpting app that you can use when away it’s great and works well with the apple pencil. I’m sure we’ll learn more soon about updates and see the true potential this app has. It also has a great export feature so you can move the files elsewhere.

Thanks for the info,
you are right, there are a lot of good options for the Mac or PC already.
I am using ZBrush since version 2 and am only looking for a mobile app to keep
me busy when I am away from my Mac :).
Sculptura indeed sounds like a good option for my use case.
A left handed feature would be terrific as I am left handed :).

Yep, I’m still working away. The new engine is just tricky!

Then I think I will give it a try.
When are you planning to release this new engine?

Hopefully before the end of the year :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it :).
Does this mean higher resolution or more features like layers, alpha brushes or multiple objects?

At first, high resolution and better performance. Then other features.

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The new engine is now in beta! Planning on an update in January :slight_smile:

Nice! Sounds like it’s developing as planned :).

Will the January update mean that Sculptura Pocket for iPhone will also gain these new features at the same time? Would like to know if Pocket version will be updated or is it no longer being developed.

I’m going to update all versions (iPhone, iPad, Mac). :slight_smile:


Just released a new beta… getting pretty close now :slight_smile: