Sculptura 1.3 is out now! 😎

You can now import and export Alembic, OBJ, STL, and USD files!

Please let me know what you think! If you encounter bugs, PM me :slight_smile:


Before the update, I’ve been trying to concoct a workflow that would allow me to export a T-posed Sculptura figure into Forger for posing. What normally resulted is the usual polygonal roughness that stems from an unavoidable remeshing of the model, and cleaning up this roughness in Forger doesn’t work well for me due to Forger’s polygon modeling nature.

After the update, I exported the polygonal mess of a remesh from Forger into Sculptura and was able to clean it up easily due to Sculptura’s voxel modeling advantages. Then I exported the posed and polished model back into Forger and voila… I finally have a cleanly posed sculpt without having to use any desktop tools, and it was all done within a reasonable timeframe. While it would be nice not to juggle the model between apps this way, this method works well and quickly for me. And it helps that the OBJ file can be accessed between Forger and Sculptura without having to move it between folders (though the OBJ file needs to stay in Forger’s app folder).

There is a weird quirk, though. When I juggled the remesh back and forth, the cleaned up sculpt ended up being scaled slightly larger and offset from its original position in Forger. I’m not sure if it’s the fault of Forger, Sculptura, or simple user error. Regardless, transforming the polished remesh back to its original position as close as possible was a good enough workaround.

Long story short, I’m pleased. Hopefully, the weird scaling issue is the only concern this update has.

Re: scaling. Sculptura scales the input mesh to a reasonable size before conversion. This is to make importing robust to different size meshes.

OH MY GOD THANK YOU! Been hoping you’d add this! Your app is absolutely awesome!

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Great! thanks for the new import options :grinning:

I manage to import obj items ok directly from ipad storage but for some reason if I use a cloud storage option like dropbox, it fails to import. Not sure if that’s what others are finding.

edit: actually this might not be the only problem, I can import some models ok but not all. Are there any restrictions worth thinking about?
many thanks.

The imported meshes have to be watertight (closed, manifold).

I’m going to add some code that checks that before attempting an import.

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