Sculpting with the cutting tool


Trying to sculpt as much as possible using only the cutting tool to see how far I can go. Loving the results!


Wow! I wish I could watch the time lapse on that!


:sunny: I love seeing these :sunny:

I find it so informative to see a tool taken to the limit (or in the direction of the limit).

Plus it’s interesting to me to see how you’re using 2D planes to form a 3D object.

I wonder what the eye sockets look like if I were to see them from a different angle (how round is the part that looks round?).

After seeing this, I got totally inspired to sculpt using only this tool.

My first approach exhausted the texture memory within 2 minutes, because I used polygons that were not convex, so I gave up.

But here are pictures of some other approaches.


Those sculpts look so amazing, @Yael Yael! They look so different from your others I’ve seen in this forum.

I should have mentioned that I did add a couple of smaller spheres here and there in order to get the mass I would need later on to sculpt (so I didn’t start with only the default sphere, but with some super basic material additions), but after that I would only allow myself to shape everything with the cutting tool. I didn’t find any way to make the eye sockets with this tool though, so I used a cylinder substraction with just one stroke and continue with the cutting tool from there.

As I said, I wanted to see how far I could go. I couldn’t make everything with the one tool, but I could make most of it :slight_smile:


@robertsyrett I’ll keep that in mind and will try to record the process next time :slight_smile:


Great Ittai. Your description of your process clarifies much and helps me see and understand what you were doing with your sculpture.

Thanks for your words about my sculpts. Your sentence: “they look so different from your others” is apparently the easiest way to get more work out of me. :grinning:

I’m trying to get a sense for the range of expression I can have with this tool.



Very interesting shapes, Yael!