Questions for Dev’s

I’d like to see a free version so ppl can try it out $10 is kind of a high price point compared to the few other sculpting iOS apps. Like Forger for $4 & it even has texturing. I think the easiest way would be commenting out the export in the code & adding in app purchase to full version for a lite/free version. I also didn’t see in the description features an import OBJ option so I was wondering if it was a feature or not? Thanks in advance

Edit: well in hind sight the absolute easiest way would be to just comment out the export code & publish it as free/lite version. That way ppl can try it out & see if it fits their needs for the price point & make a informed decision on purchasing it or not. You don’t lose anything as they can’t export, best they can do is take a screen shot. That way anyone on the fence can test it out & make a choice & for you it should be minimal effort to comment the code out so it should be a win win situation. & if they decide to purchase then they just need to uninstall the free version & buy the full version so y’all don’t have to add the in app purchase code

Hi @illGraphics, Sculptura current doesn’t have an import function. We’d definitely like to add one. It requires quite a bit of work because our representation for surfaces isn’t a mesh, so we have to convert. I’ve recently written some code to do that, so it will be coming. One of the challenges there is to make the code robust to the various meshes one could throw at it.

An export-disabled version is a good idea and something we will consider.

In general we priced Sculptura higher than the competition because we sincerely believe it is better than the competition, both in terms of design and algorithms. Recently, apple has relaxed their rules regarding free trials, so we will explore that further.

For now, you can return any app for a refund if you aren’t satisfied by contacting apple. It’s a fairly easy process actually.

– Taylor