Printing to 3D Printer

I’m getting great results guys from this app. I’m now hoping to print out 3D models. What’s the best way forward? Thanks a lot.

If you export your file as STL, you would be able to use almost any 3D printing technology to print it :slight_smile:

Great. Thanks for shedding some light on this matter. Any tips and tricks for 3 d printing as a noob looking for a machine. Have you printed successfully? Happy? Would love to see some photos if possible. Thanks a ton man for reaching out.

For tips, I think the 1st place to look is available documentation for your specific machine. I have a nice experience with a specific 3D printing technology named NanoDLP along with Raspberry Pi, some photos are available in this group:

and also here:

Hey thanks again so much! I’m running into export problems from Sculptura in stl as they don’t seem to be working on other machines. My Export from here never finishes and I have to manually leave the export page from sculptura but the file is outputted only to have it not work on my friend’s computer. I’ll try to investigate his machine and get back to you. Great to have a Guru on board!

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