Painting Projects?

Is there a way to paint our 3D models after we’ve made them? Or is there another app I can export it to to paint it!?!

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Yes it’s definitely possible to paint a model that’s been created in Sculptura and I hope that one day this feature is integrated. I have a very old version of cinema 4D that has body paint which has a great set up wizard. There are alternatives but most will cost a bit. If you’re willing to put the time in you could try using blender which I believe has painting ability now. Substance painter is a great app if you’ve got a good enough machine. When I tested this (a long time ago) I found it didn’t run so well on my old machine but it might run better now I have upgraded the graphics card. Problem is you can’t just drop it into another app as the UV’s need to be created and I’ve never had success doing this on an iPad. Really makes a difference to a model being able to paint it. Hope it’s ok to mention other apps on here (remove if not).

This was painted in Cinema 4D R13 from a pure export.