Obj import problems

Hi, i just bought your app yesterday for importing obj files so i could edit them but the files i have in dropbox do not appear high lighted to alow me to do so. Pls advise. Would also like to work on remapping the uv textures they have but not sure if this is possible?

Welcome @Max!

Try moving them to “On My iPad” or iCloud in the Files app. Does that help?

Sculptura won’t import UV texture coordinates (Sculptura is volumetric, so such information is lost).

Thanks for the reply i have imported part of the file. Appart from uv texture cordinates are there any other obj limitations?

Sure thing. The main limitation is that the mesh must be closed (no holes).

Thanks Taylor,

Is it possible to have different background guid images visible from the front, right, etc through the mesh?

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You’re welcome @Max. I haven’t implemented background images, but that’s a good suggestion :slight_smile: