OBJ export scale

Hi, I’m new to Sculptura and using it in combination with Rhino: Rhino to block it out, Sculptura to sculpt. So far it’s all working great except when I bring it back into rhino, the scale is way off. Is there a way to control the OBJ export scale in Sculptura?

It could be how Rhino interprets the units from Sculptura so I’m open to any suggestions. I thought it could be a units problem like converting inches/MM, but seems the model is closer to 30 times larger when I bring it back into Rhino.

Thanks for any help!

Welcome @Putty

So the problem here is that Sculptura has to scale things when importing so they are at decent resolution for the volume-based sculpting. We could store the original scale somewhere, but then we’d need some UI to edit that so it isn’t some mysterious data. I’ll be thinking about the best way to handle it :slight_smile:

Ah! ok cool, thanks for the background - that makes sense.

It’s not a big problem to scale it in another app, just a small extra step. Thanks Taylor!