No way to export PNG?

I was hoping to export basic models as 2d images to traditional art programs on my iPad like Procreate, but all the export options seem to be 3d formats. Curious to know if PNG or PSD options are available or if they’re going to be developed in future updates.

Welcome @Jonnya :slight_smile: To export an image, tap “…” and Render.


Thanks Taylor!

Very helpful. Enjoying the app so far! Curious to know if the render/photo export will allow for PNGs w/alpha channels in the future? It would be great to be able to send them out to Procreate or Photoshop without the backgrounds. Thsnks again.

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On iPhone version, hitting render and then save photo crashes the app and no image is rendered to camera roll. Please advise

Oh sorry! I’ll fix that.

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