My first attempts at creating something


So this little dude is a 3d rendering of a character I’ve had for a long time. I was hoping to use this as a guide when I make my actual mask from clay and warbla, but a friend thinks I should just have it 3d printed.
Trouble is this program can’t seem to make pointy bits very well? Or I’m doing it wrong? I don’t want to have to do a ton on a different app because honestly I only have my iPad Pro right now, as my computers been out of commission for ages. My friend who’s offered to do and help with the printing isn’t an artist, and what he’s going to be able to do to it to get it ready for print in his apps are going to be limited by his more engineering skill set…
anyway I’ve looked for some tutorials and can’t really find any.
I’m not disappointed in the app, so much as a little frustrated trying to do as much as I can with it-
If anyone knows any other iPad apps I can touch up on to get this ready for print that arnt through the roof price wise I’d appreciate it, cause as it is I’m not sure what I can do with this app practically and I really splurged on it since it’s expensive for what it is in AUD.

I guess what I’m saying is help? Lol


Ever since Sculptura added the import/export feature, I’ve been bouncing my OBJ files back and forth between it and Forger for iOS. Between the two, they complement each other nicely, though there are some quirks to be aware of when jumping the OBJ files between the two. The big one is to be careful about leaving crumbs of voxels scattered away from your sculpt. From what I see from your screenshot, you have three tiny pebbles of voxels floating around near the left of your sculpt’s jaw. Then there’s the other splinter that can be seen in the gap of the mouth cavity (it’s highlighted in blue due to the Mirror line). Stuff like that can be erased using the Cut and Smooth tools.


Thanks! I’ll give it a go
I did clean it up in newer versions