Move Tool: what do you think?

What do you think of the new Move Tool? :smiley:

Hi Taylor,
Move tool looks great, I am able to activate it and use it on the model. Unfortunately when I switch to another tool mode it crashes the app. running on an ipad pro 9.7 with ios 12.0.1 and apple pencil…

Almost certainly running out of memory (RAM) when converting from mesh to volume. The 9.7 has half the RAM as the other two. I’ll see what I can do to reduce that usage.

For now, try using the move tool on smaller models.

Hi @taylor,
the tool works very well but I also had some crashes during the test. I also like @Nicolas i have an ipad pro 9.7 with the latest version of ios.

This is what I’ve been waiting for! I’ll admit my use of the app has been limited of late due to the lack of a move tool however this initial implementation is superb… :facepunch:t2:

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@taylor yes it does seem like a ram issue. I exited all working apps and now works ok on a sphere, but anything complex, even one of the bust starter shapes still crashes.

Hi, I have the crash too (ipad pro 4gb ram) if i select the owl example use the move tool and then select the first tool

With the latest update the move tool doesn’t crash so easily but if you work a model for a long time (or do a lot of things to it with all the tools) after a while it crashes and it consumes system space from the iPad (gigabytes) , only if you delete the app the space gets free. Btw the move tool is great :slight_smile:

@Sot New version coming soon!

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Hello, Still crashes if you use the move tool a lot on hibu for example and you must delete the app to free disk space