Move tool 3d view as an option for the other tools too

Hello, just tried Sculptura on my ipad pro 12.9 1st gen and i like it very much, i’m coming from a fine arts background (painting) so when i start using it more i’ll post my view :slight_smile: , for now i just want to ask if it’s possible to make the fast low res 3d view when you select the move tool as an option for the other tools too, thank you.

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Welcome @Sot!

That’s a good question. Short answer is probably not.

All the tools except the move tool use a representation of the sculpture that has to be converted to the triangle mesh you see when using the Move Tool. That’s why there’s a pause when switching to the Move Tool. GPUs are very good at drawing triangle meshes which is why the Move Tool’s rendering is so fast.

I tried doing the conversion on the fly, but my implementation was slower than rendering the sculpture directly.

Currently I’m working on code to significantly speed up the rendering, so this hopefully will be moot, eventually.

– Taylor

I see and i’m happy using it right now of course knowing that it only will get better with updates, thx

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