Memory management problems

Hello everyone! First of all, congratulations for the app. it’s really the best for iPad. Sorry for my english. I have some memory management problems: at the moment I have only a very small project saved on ipad but in the ios internal space management tab the size takes up by the app and the data is 1.5 GB. It seems a bit 'too much. Is there a way to clear the cache?

Welcome @Luca !

Closing the document should clear all the undo data. Does that work?

Thank you so much Tylor.
Unfortunately it did not work, I uninstalled the application and data (saved anyway on icloud) and reinstall. Now the disk size is back to normal. I think this error occurred after some crashes when using the Smooth tool in fast mode. It’s just a hypothesis and I would not give you wrong information. thanks for the support and keep it up! this app is really powerful.

Thanks @Luca! I’ve added some code in 1.2 which will clear out the undo files on launch.

I think what’s happening is if Sculptura runs out of memory, iOS will terminate the app, leaving behind undo files, which can pile up.

It will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Wow, I can not wait to try the new version!
Already with this version of the App you can achieve very professional results. Thank you!


Great modelling Luca!

Looks great @Luca!

I just released version 1.2, which should fix the issue with undo files piling up. Let me know what you think!


Grazie @taylor ! I’m going to update the App immediately! :smiley: (sorry, I was busy at work and I replied in Italian, without thinking …)

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Hi @taylor, I have a somewhat related issue on the 2018 iPad 9.7" 32GB - It fills up my internal storage with undo steps and I have to quit Sculptura and restart it so that the undo history gets purged. Is there some way to automatically limit the undo steps available when storage is running low?

Welcome @F_Kal! You shouldn’t have to quit the app entirely… just closing the document will delete all the undo files. Does that work?

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ah yes! Thank you @taylor, that works indeed!
Not that closing the program was much of a hassle either; but your suggesting makes it even easier.

Of course it would be great if at some point in the future this purging would happen silently without the user ever seeing the dreaded message that storage is full - (not sure if this is possible though…)