Making Animals: Help and Advice


So I thought I might take a break from sculpting heads to sculpture of a dog. I found it quite challenging to sculpt the direction of the line tool in the axis perpendicular to the camera. I would love a thread to perhaps help share techniques and examples of animals in Sculptura.

Here’s some screen caps of a begging rat terrier:

Oh one more thing, occasionally I won’t be able to zoom in without clipping into the object. Is that related to orthographic view?



Hi robertsyrett,

I’m one of the sculptor who work for sculptura.
So I think you did a great work, the thing would maybe to try with more references of dog. The thing
in sculptura, for me, is to take more time thinking about the subject and anatomy before scultping.
So maybe training yourself doing just head and after that the legs… not too much time but just to well understand the muscle jonction.

Don’t hesitate to ask more question if you need.


You can make a reasonable start to an animal by using the polygon cut tool to remove areas from a starting sphere in the different orthogonal views to leave an animal-ish form, and start sculpting from there. I have to say that having references images visible in the interface would be really useful for this, but not essential.