Licensing Difference Between IPad and Mac


I’m leaning toward purchasing Sculptura for my iPad Pro, but need to know if I would need to purchase another license to use it on my Mac. I’d like to find a program/app that can be used seamlessly between the two.

  1. Is a separate license required for each device if a different OS?

  2. If you’re not using Sculptura on your Mac, is there a ‘best practice’ anyone can suggest for alternating projects between platforms? I’m using Meshmixer (it works well for my needs) on my MacBook.


Welcome @NYer!

Yes, a separate license is required. I’d offer a single license but that’s not possible with the iOS and macOS App Stores.

iCloud makes it easy to share projects across both platforms.

cheers :slight_smile:


I have it for both my iPad and Mac. It’s worth purchasing for both. I also have the Affinity software (Designer and Photo) and you have to purchase a license for both with those as well.

I’m not sure there are any apps that can be purchased once and used on both platforms. Unless maybe Adobe but then again, you just rent the software so that’s a no-go for me.


Curious if you’ve ever used Meshmixer. It’s not the ‘best’, but I’ve been using it on my Mac for a while and have become very proficient. Do you know if the iPad and Desktop version of Sculptura have the same functions as Meshmixer? Comparing it to Meshmixer is a lower bar than other full featured, professional apps out there, but I don’t want to lose functionality and waste time on a learning curve only to be disappointed. Thanks in advance for the reply.


I have used Mesh Mixer. It’s ok in my opinion. I use Blender instead because it has other features I need and like.
My workflow is basically to use Sculptura on the go and for quick previz stuff on my Mac. Then I import into Blender to do what I need with it.