Issues and suggestions

Hi! First post for me. I’m Rune, 3D generalist, and I work primarily in animation and VFX. You can see my stuff here:

I use zBrush and Mudbox professionally, and I’ve also done some sculpting in Medium on the Oculus. I love my iPad for being creative on the go, with apps like Procreate following that magical Apple philosophy in being pro - yet simple to use. I’ve been hoping for a sculpting app that shares that way of thinking, and this looks like Sculpture could be it. Great work on version 1.0!

I have a couple of issues and suggestions. I use an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, by the way.

  • First, there seem to be something wrong with the sensitivity or the way it is designed! I would expect the sliders to be the max sensitivity and the pressure to work below that level. But when I use the brushes with Apple Pencil force set to size, it seems like the max and min brush size are pretty similar despite what I set the brush size slider to. I would like to see small pressure resulting in a barely visible brush, and hard pressure resulting in the slider setting. Setting the slider way to the bottom still results in a large brush right now. (In a future version, it would be great to see a custom pressure curve, like Procreate, zBrush and Clip Studio Paint has. Clip Studio Paint even has a feature where the software will learn your min/max pressure after doing a couple sample strokes.)

  • I’ve frequently wanted a harder max-strength than what the tools are capable of now. For example, I’m using negative Sharp Deform to cut lines or wrinkles, but even at max strength the cuts arent very deep.

  • I would expect the bottom slider to be named “strength” and not “speed”. Speed is a bit confusing, indicating some change to the brush according to your drawing speed.

  • Having a preview of the brush size on the model when you set the slider is vital! zBrush show a circle on the last sculpted spot, or on the visible centre part of the model - something similar would be fantastic.

  • It would be great if the Carve tool could have some more shape or falloff options, like the Deform tool has. Having wedge or squares in the Carve would be great.

  • I would not use a magnet icon for the Deform tool. A magnet implies being able to move the surface, but this is more like sculpting. An icon showing a rounded dent on a surface would be more appropriate.

  • Right now I mostly stay inside the Deform tool swapping between different falloffs and plus and minus. This creates a lot of menu clicks, so having a short cut for some of these would be great. I would suggest having the reverse button as a modifier button on the left, maybe between the sliders. And if the falloff could be used across tools, I would like to see those as separate buttons instead of a sidebar/flyout.

  • A minor annoyance is that the sidebars/flyouts dont disappear automatically when you make a selection in them, or start sculpting on the model. It seems to happen some times though, but most of the time they stay there until I click the button that opened them.

As for new feature suggestions:

  • A move/drag brush would be top feature priority for me. That’s the one thing I miss the most! Happy to see that on the roadmap.

  • Other features that would be nice; is an alpha or texture option for the brushes, and being able to set the start and end size interactively on the Line tool.

  • A couple more default models would be great, for example a basic biped and quadruped.

Looking forward to see the next version! Despite some issues, it’s a fantastic app!


Wow, I remember Dave Cooper from back in my days as a comic book collector. It’s crazy to see an animated version of it. I actually really loved his line work and oil paintings.

Quality feedback on the tools, I hope they take them onboard.

I also look forward to seeing what you come up with in Sculptura.