Is it normal for repositioning material to increase file size by a lot?

Good day everyone, I done a sculpt which says 60mb, but it’s actually taking up more than 1gb of my storage memory, is this normal? I find that this happens when i use repositioning to create many dragon scales on a dragon headsculpt… are those the background files? The most exaggerated experience is when a 60mb file uses almost 10gb of storage space, that was when I use repositioning to drag a huge amount of clay over a long distances and created too much empty spaces. Your advice will be appreciated.

For example, this sculpt is shown as 11mb, but Ipad actually record it as 2gb… … now that i restart the device and check again, this problem is gone… might be a minor bug or something…

Hi @Sarumaru, the additional storage usage is undo files, which are cleared whenever you close the model. I’m hoping to make this more efficient in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for clearing my doubt, I actually got tricked to delete some of my stuffs initially, they are not so important so no worries.