Increase view rotation speed

When rotating my model around, I feel like I have to do very large gestures in order to get the view I want. Swiping my finger across the entire landscape width of my 12.9 inch ipad does not even rotate the view by 180 degrees. For me, it feels like too much movement just to rotate the view.

I’d like to be able to increase the rotation sensitivity to something like in Shapr3D, which rotates the view more than twice (more than 720 degrees) when I swipe from one edge to the other on my ipad. This is subjective of course, so I guess I’m asking for customizable rotate-gesture sensitivity.

After looking around at various 3D apps for the ipad, i believe Sculptura has the slowest viewport rotation among them. It really feels laborious to just rotate to the other side of my object. It would be a great joy to be able to rotate to the opposite side of my 3d model with just a short motion of my hand.