I was offered to participate in the beta test for the next Sculptura update


A few weeks back, I received an offer from Taylor to help beta test the next update, especially Move tool stability.

This model is from the latest build, and represents 3.5 hours of sculpting time with maybe one or two forced saves being performed in between. Of note, 90% of that time was spent using the Move tool

This model’s filling up the entire workspace. Those tendrils can’t get any longer because they’re hitting the invisible walls.

This model takes up 37 Mb, or 123 Mb if the model is saved with the Move tool selected. There’s a reason for that size bump that was explained in another thread.

I’m using the original Gen 1 iPad Pro (12.9”). When this model was 90% complete, 0.5 - 1.0 second delays appeared between each Move Tool stroke. Despite the lag, Sculptura continued to stay stable. Maybe it’s time for me to upgrade to the Gen 3 model?

There are still a few quirks. Because of the retopologizing that takes place when switching to and from the Move Tool, smooth surfaces gradually lose resolution and become rough. If the form is thread-like, tips end up getting corrupted (note the tendril tips in the model). Smoothing those areas provides a simple enough fix, but heavy Move tool users probably should hold off on comprehensive polishing and finishing until after they get all their Move tool work out of the way.

So, the update development’s looking good. In closing, here are some model attempts made using prior builds. Each of them represent anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes of sculpting until crashes and glitchiness made it not worth the time.

Then there’s this piece that took up around 5-ish hours of work. For that one, I had to force a save every 5 - 10 minutes since that build was prone to crashing after 15 minutes of uninterrupted work.


Great work! Good to see what is possible.