Help New to this!

Hi everyone,

My name is Angelo, recently purchased the app as I want to get into 3d modelling so i can later on print them.

Any advice or tutorials i could use??? Currently i want to try and design something similar to these gauntlet

Thank you

For starters, how much traditional or digital sculpting experience do you have?

Hi there I’m totally new to digital sculpting and 0 experience in this. I’ve been practicing a bit and been trying to read/research into digital sculpting

I’m also going to assume that you have zero experience with sculpting in traditional media, such as clay, resin, wood, etc. Since you’re new to all things sculpting, trying to sculpt that gauntlet would be the equivalent of trying to run a marathon without ever having exercised, so the solution is to start exercising. What I would do is use the default sphere and spend a lot of time using only ONE tool on it. Use every iota regarding the tool, ranging from size adjustments to add/subtract. The point is not to make a sculpture that looks like something, but to see what forms, bumps, and pits you can make out of it. While doing these exercises, think about how the marks you make could also be used to shape real world forms, such as the crease between the nose and cheek, the contours of an ear, the crevasse between the eye and nose, etc…

That said, hopefully you’re using an Apple Pencil (or similar) while doing all of this because precision forms are easily made with precision tools. Using otherwise can be frustrating yet achievable, much like trying to draw a photorealistic portrait using only fingers and paints.

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Thank you for your quick reply,

Wow, Thank you for taking your time to explain it. I will do as you suggesring and you are totally right… before I can even consider doing the gauntlet i need to take my time and practice alot before i even consider starting it. So I will start practing first using the sphere with the Apple pencil.