Feature request

  1. When adjusting brush size, we do not know until we draw the correct size of it directly into modeling.
    This will unnecessarily increase the working time.
    Like a screenshot, I want you to show real time how big it is on the right when I adjust the brush.

  2. We Need Move Tool. this is a very popular feature. This is essential.

  3. Press and Hold

  • The reason why the procreate is the most powerful tool in the App Store is its UI design for fast working speed. The tool has a perfect UI in the touch interface.
    So we have to fallow like that.
    When using the - value or sweep function in a zibrush, do not use it after enabling certain features.
    It’s a very popular feature.
    So this is a very simple implementation.
    I use the Smooth function by skulping with the shiftkey press and hold
    and Alt key press and hold to use -value.

  • My point is, in addition to touching the icon and using the feature, let me use the feature with the icon pressed.


Hi @Moondonghwa! Thanks for the requests!

Good point about adjusting brush size. My concern is that with a brush size displayed on the screen, the size relative to the model depends on how far away on the model is (at least with a perspective projection). So I was thinking we could hold down a button with one hand and change the radius with another, positioned over a point on the model.

Move tool is in the works :slight_smile:

If I’m understanding you correctly, press and hold on the background would bring up a menu like the context menu in procreate? That’s a great idea!

– Taylor

The app is great, very intuitive etc.
My number one request is there needs to be a way to import meshes. For example it Would be great to be able to import 3d scan mesh or even just .obj files or .stl. Maybe this is a a sepperate app? Perhaps there is a desktop method to convert into a file that can be imported into he app? This feature would turn the app from something fun into something essential.

Noticed there’s is a desktop app, does this accept imports to convert into a Sculptura file?
Also,a way to place reference .jpgs for sculpting could be nice…

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Hello! Just saw your app mentioned on my Instagram feed and had to check it out. Long-time ZBrush user here, so I’m always on the lookout for something portable on my iPad Pro (1st gen currently, waiting to see what’s announced at WWDC).

I’m hunting around the menus w/o looking at any docs to see how intuitive it is. Some of the icons are confusing. FIrst feature on everyone’s list - a move tool. Second feature, I’m looking for a way to add clay, then tap finger on another button to invert/carve. Third feature request - interactive Smooth tool, so that i can lay down some clay, and immediately hold down the “Shift” key/screen button to smooth out my stroke. Also, is there a way to view the wireframe? And take the resolution up and down? Haven’t used 3D Coat as much, but i have been doing lots of voxel sculpting in VR using Oculus Medium. Looking forward to ability to add an alpha channel for custom brush strokes. For GUI, I love that you incorporated 2 finger tap for Undo (must be Procreate fans too?) and feel you can take a page from their playbook for layout and functionality. Layers would be nice. Is there a cutting/planar tool? Maybe booleans down the road as well. Looking forward to fooling around with the app more later this evening! Nice 1.0 release, I see great potential here! -Steve May 31, 2018 3:08 AM (Europe: Paris), May 30, 2018 6:08 PM (America: Los Angeles)