Exporting - what to choose for archiving for the ages?

I’ve been meaning to backup my Sculptura models and now that the beta is out I was thinking this is a good time.
As I was about to copy the files, I saw there is a batch export feature which is awesome!!
Apart from the native sculptura files, I’d like to keep a legacy copy of the models that I’ll be still able to view (and render) in …a few decades. STL/OBJ look like they’ve been around for a long time. I wonder @taylor: given the fact that you know the ins and outs of sculptura: which format does sculptura makes better use of? or do they all contain the exact same polygon/material information so the only reason to chose on over the other is preference?

Good question @F_Kal!

I suspect all those formats will be around for a while. If you have the space, I’d just export to all formats. All the formats save the exact same data.

The conversion to a mesh does loose a little detail when you import back into Sculptura. So if you want to continue to work on the models in Sculptura, I’d suggest archiving the original Sculptura files.


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thank you Taylor! Understandable that voxel to polygons and back to voxel is lossy; I’ll absolutely keep the originals too! Since space is limited though, and since you say they all formats export identical data, I’d rather keep the most compact or human/readable format - I’ll give it some thought! :slight_smile:
Thank you!

PS. I checked that sculptura can export usd files; didn’t know much about it, but is there any chance that you will support usdz for apple’s AR?