Exporting to obj help

How does one export files that are larger than a few mb to obj.larger files do not have any option to choose from.will it work on the Mac OS app?am I doing something wrong? Also how does one email the developer with questions directly ?

Hi @J.c. You can PM me on this forum or email me at the address listed under Getting Help in the app’s built in help.

You can share files with the macOS version. They both use the same format.

Can you clarify what you mean here? What options would you like to see?

I have the same issue as described above. When exporting complex models to obj (or any format for that matter), the tooltip for sending is blank. See the attached photo reference.

I do not own a mac, so I do not own sculptura for desktop. This means that my projects are stuck on my ipad.

Do you have a solution or a workaround for this?

@Carjha Can you send me a model that is causing export to fail (via PM)? I need to reproduce it on my end to be able to fix it.


The most recent update seemed to fix the problem I was having but I haven’t tried anything over 10 to 12 mb. One suggestion is not to save the file while you are in the push pull mode. It’s seems to make the file much larger