Export model larger 100MB

Hi team.

I was using your software. Total is awesome, my project is 100MB, i was export this model , STL format or OBJ format, some problem happened, it “fly out” to main monitor, that I can not export my model …

Please fix this problen, i belive your software prefect if you fix this issue.

I experience the same problem with STL, i am using an ipad 6th generation, all other format seems fine… my file is only 10.3 mb, i tried exporting the dragon template (5.3mb) that comes with the software and it actually works… i kind of think stl can only be exported for file 10mb or lower.

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just found this thread - I’ve had similar experiences on the 6th gen iPad - files above 20MB won’t export whereas files around <10MB work fine!

I’ll be working on reducing the memory usage of export. Some of this is complicated by Apple’s code using a lot of RAM. In the mean time, if you want robust exporting of large models, I’d recommend exporting using the macOS version. You can still use the iPad version for everything else :slight_smile:

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With some tricks, I’ve knocked the memory usage for exporting down by half.

I’ve only done OBJ files so far since it’s all my own code, but I suspect the same technique will work with Apple’s export code.

It will be a little while longer before I update the beta.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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This is awesome @Taylor! Thank you!!! :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:

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Here’s a graph of the memory usage during export, with my new technique, on a very large model:

It’s now pretty much flat while generating the mesh, but there’s a big spike when it hits Apple’s export code at the end, which is too big for many iPads. I’ll be trying to get that down, but it may be up to Apple to optimize their code.

Here’s the graph of OBJ export:

Because OBJ is such a simple format, I use my own code to export. Notice there’s no big spike. Also, notice how the usage in the end is higher. This actually because Sculptura isn’t being given memory warnings by the OS (in response it unloads everything it can).

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I improved the code a bit so it unloads as much data as possible as soon as the export dialog comes up:

So that’s pretty good, but again we’ve got that massive spike when Apple’s code kicks in.

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awesome! I just downloaded the latest build and the progress-bar is a very nice touch! The obj exporter works just fine with the biggest files I could throw at it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you taylor!

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Sure thing :slight_smile:

Yeah the OBJ and STL exporters are now pretty robust. They’re fairly inefficient formats though so the files will be massive, and there’s still some work to be done in handling errors.

It would be nice to robustly support at least one modern format. USD seems like a candidate but it’s a complex format and writing my own efficient exporter might be tricky.

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Hi Taylor
You are behind the software?
I need support

Thanks Boaz

Massive files indeed :robot: but at least you’ve given us a failsafe way to convert the files to meshes on-device which is great! .usd would be a nice treat of course for various reasons - As an amateur doodler, I like pushing AR models to my friends’ iPhones :slight_smile: Admittedly a party trick - Just a few minutes ago I sent such a birthday present! - the model started in particubes, continued in sculptura and was funneled in forger for its .usdz exporting capabilites :smiley: - No desktop needed and I’m happy for that :sun_with_face:

I sent you a message :slight_smile:

I’ve contacted Apple about the memory usage for USD export. Hopefully it’s just something I’m doing wrong, but I doubt it. Usually for these things it’s a bug on their end and will take a really long time to fix.

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Hey Taylor!

I really like your software, but I’m facing the same problem when exporting from Ipad pro.
I’m trying to export an 13MB .obj but I only get one blank dialogue box when doing that. What sould I do?

Thanks a lot!

I just reboot the software and instaled again and it worked.
I don’t know what was the problem, but never mind, it’s solved.