Elements: Atmosphere

I’m in the process of exploring the creative capacity that emerges for me when I’m using this tool (Sculptura). I’ve never used anything quite like it, I think, so I’m trying to see what things I can do with it. I’m really not treating it like a sculpting tool necessarily, but more like this thing that lets me

  • create interesting spaces and things to look at
  • give form to specific notions / threads on my mind

These are some images I made yesterday, when I was in the course of being astounded by what close ups with lighting look like. I really love how I could use these elements as well as color to create a place and to affect its atmosphere.

I like that I could position various things and pieces of things in different locations in space and see how the relationships between them contribute to the sense of Atmosphere.

This app currently forces the addition of new material to a sculpture only at a point of connection to existing material – I can’t just suspend a new sphere somewhere in space. So it’s particularly fun for me to chop up some solid object in key places in order to get a bunch of disconnected components. The disconnected components are positioned in space in a way that gives a feeling that they have something in common, that they emerged from the same original whole. This positioning also affects atmosphere – gives a sense that there’s a medium the components are in – and sometimes this positing creates a sense of motion, or of stillness.

I also played with texture. I was amazed to see how beautiful and rich textured close-ups looked in different lighting and color.

Also: I like the idea of having some topics / categories / tags that are dedicated to explorations of a specific tool, or to a specific aspect or theme of sculpting, such as animals, line tool, atmosphere, etc. I personally would love to see other people’s explorations of atmosphere.

Site feedback / sidenote: I am not sure what constitutes a topic, a post, a reply, a category, etc. and how to post in a way that doesn’t create a zillion topics.


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Is the texture all just the deform tool? It has a really organic quality!

Definitely not just the deform tool. :slight_smile:

At some point in making these, in some parts of the object, I probably used every single tool (except resizing) in every direction available (+, -), at different slider settings, with pressure on pencil set to create an increase in some effect.

Some staples were the tool on the very left (carve), in both positive and negative modes, and the 2 friendly tools on the right (pinch and flatten), which I’m very into now.

  • The actual surface you see was for sure the work of carve, smooth, pinch, flatten, and/or deform (though rarely).
  • The layer underneath might be carve.
  • Further underneath there will be more use of those already mentioned, as well as line and sphere.

I see what you mean about the organic quality. I believe this is mainly due to the following two things:

  • when I doodle with the carve tool, for instance, I’ll make organic squiggles. In using the surface tools I’ll go with the organic form already created, and keep the organic motion, plus add some up/down motion. (I’ll get absorbed in the motion, and It’ll basically feel like I’m snowboarding, putting icing on a cake, etc.)
  • as I’m running the tools on the surface, I’ll very likely be imaging / feeling / pretending this is some actual curvy, pliable, interesting material that exists, and I’m simply treating its surface somehow. I believe this helps a lot.

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