(currently) hard to do in the app

I’d like to be able to take any sculpture and

  • from its current position
  • rotate it in the xy plane

For some sculptures In some positions, such as those pictured below, I cannot find a way to do this – by this I mean that no combination of

  • pressing the selected position buttons
  • rotating with finger (including after centering and/or resizing)

seems to be working. This problem seems to occur with some sculptures and not with others. I have a suspicion as to why the problem occurs when it does.

I’d really like to be able to rotate these sculptures, in this specific way, in order to keep working on them. I currently cannot.

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Do you have an apple pencil? I found it much easier to rotate when I enabled “Only Sculpt with Apple Pencil” over in settings. Also, I’m quite impressed with your mastery of the line tool. I often have difficulty in setting the angle properly. Any chance you could upload a time lapse video of you sculpting?

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About the rotation issue: I have Apple pencil, and I was using the setting for only sculpting with it. My sense is that this is a problem with the app (not with my use of it) because it looks like the sculptures for which rotation is an issue have a common form and the sculptures for which rotation is not an issue have a different form.

About my use of the line tool: thank you. That’s nice to hear. I’ll upload something later.

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Experiments with the line tool

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