App Recommendations: Various Brushes/Textures and Painting Modes

Hi team! so I’m back and I’m really impressed by the quality of the app for the price I paid for. I played around with the app and the tools, I created my first piece (Ps. Its my first attempt at digital sculpting, so It’s not worthy of showing to everyone just yet). I think a few features would be a really nice addition to the app such as different brushes and being able to create your own brushes, different textures that we could create or import into the app such as what Forger has done (Not to compare the apps, just an example). I believe it would make the app more dynamic as well as a recording and playback feature of your sculpt such as what Procreate does on the iPad, its always nice to see your work play back in a short time-lapse after you are done with your piece (Especially for social media purposes of showing your followers the process of your work).

Great App! Loving it so far and I cant wait show you guys my first proper sculpt.

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